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Creme Glacee Business Plan

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Essay Preview: Creme Glacee Business Plan

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Executive Summary

Crème Glacèe is located at the gulshan-2 close to the five star WESTIN hotel and pink city shopping mall .We can loosely be described as a quick-service restaurant where customers sit around a bar and watch their ice-creams, desserts being made. The show, as well as ice-cream, is our main selling point.

As the reported national leader in money spent in restaurants, gulshan-2 is an optimal location for launching a new restaurant concept. Crème Glacèe also hopes to become a destination for the customers due to its wide range of flavored ice creams, quality related products, comfortable environment and also because of its reasonable price The parlour is offering single scoop for 110 taka and double scoop for 200 taka which is a very reasonable price. The parlour is a well spaced comfortable shop decorated with modern furnishers and equipment and even is providing free Wi-Fi service for the customers

We plan to manipulate our location in the Business Improvement District to our utmost advantage. Therefore, we are aggressively planning for a 50% increase in sales the second year of business.

By creating a new niche in the restaurant industry, Crème Glacèe will increase sales by more than Taka 2000000 over three years while maintaining a gross margin of 80%. Through a philosophy of "nothing but the best" regarding both product and service, Crème Glacèe will establish itself as an exceptional ice cream parlour in gulshan-2 Dhaka. We also will gain a competitive advantage in take out and catered desserts.

This plan outlines our company concept, philosophy and forecasted financials. Crème Glacèe hopes to find seed money of Taka 1500000 to launch our business in June of this year.


Crème Glacèe Ice Cream parlour will be an unconventional ice cream parlour because of its exotic world-class flavours and location. It will be located in Gulshan-2, road number 31 between The Westin and Pink City Shopping Mall. The location is a great place for our newly established business because this is a place where people from all over the city cone, especially during holidays and special occasions like Eid, New Year, etc. In addition to that, we will be expanding our parlour by opening branches with profit generated in the upcoming years. The estimated opening date is April 2011.

The parlour is directed by G6 Company, consisting of six members and the ownership is distributed according to the share each partner owns, as per the structure of private limited company. The percentage of share owned is shown below.

Nabila Masud Shamma- 17%

Nowreen Haque-17%

Sadia Sarowar- 17%

Naureen Zaman- 17%

Rizvana Hredita- 16%

Nawar Tabassum Sharna-16%

In order to make Cr attractive we will have an unconventional interior designing with state of the art facilities. We will be placing an ice statue in a glass cabinet with temperature regulators. This will be the landmark and will be showcased in front of the retail outlet. There will be four waiters, one manager, two accountants, one cashier, two security guards, one dessert chef, and two cooks catering to the needs of the customers. Self-service will be the norm. We will also be offering a Wi-Fi zone to our customers.

Organizational Chart:


"Serve world-class ice creams and make the treat memorable"

Mission Statement:

Our CRG will sell ___ flavours which will be imported and sold to the local customers. It will be a place where family and friends can hang out and have a memorable experience.

Business Objectives:

* Create a comfortable atmosphere for both customers and employees.

* Expand the business by opening branches in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet.

* Create a brand image for high quality food.

Competition Analysis

The principals have done a complete analysis of ice cream parlours in Gulsan. And the analysis suggests that there are few major competitors like Move n Pick, Gelato, Baskin Robins, Anderson's and hotel Westin's ice cream parlour.

Move n Pick and hotel Westin is located just around the parlour Crème Glacee. These parlours sell branded ice creams but their range of flavour is limited and do not offer any other related items. These are not well-spaced decorated ice cream parlours where as Crème Glacee will be providing a very comfortable family environment with free Wi-Fi service and kid's zone. These parlours are also very costly. Therefore by offering food products at affordable prices, Creme Glacee will be price-competitive in this market with the motive of extracting a greater percentage of profit by selling more food products.

Gelato, Baskin Robin's also does not sell other related items and Andersons emphasizes on fast food items rather than ice creams at their parlour where as Crème Glacee offers bagels, Pastries, Chocolate Mouse, Cookies, Coffee, Cappuccino, Doughnuts, low fat and regular yogurt and even customers can enjoy watching their meals being made. These all services are offered by Crème Glacee at a comparatively reasonable price than its competitors.

Marketing strategy

Crème Glacèe


Crème Glacèe Ice Cream Parlour will sell imported ice cream with the maximum shelf life of three days. Crème Glacée Ice Cream Parlour will sell low fat and regular yogurt and the following ice cream, different flavours like, Apple and Cinnamon,



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