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Crisis Management Paper

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Crisis Management Paper

Liberty University

PACO 608

Dr. Garcia

Author Note

Episode 8 from Season 13

Crisis Management Paper

The intervention video this student selected was episode 8 from season 13. The video is focus on Sean who was raised in a Christian family and left his faith with abusing alcohol strongly due to believing his father was having an affair. This paper will look at the nature of Sean’s addiction and steps to be taken to provide crisis intervention using the models from Floyd (2008) and Wright (2011).

Nature of the crisis

Sean’s crisis stems from his childhood and his accusation of his father having an affair. Sean was raised in a Christian family and had a strong and loving childhood. Both of his parents show loved and compassion to his brother and him. Sean was seen as having a big heart, enjoyed helping others and his parents wanted the best for him. When Sean got into his late teenage years he began to get involved with the wrong crowd. He began to party and drink with his friends and as he got older he began to drink up to one gallon of Vodka every day. Sean worked in a restaurant and would attempt to hide is alcohol abuse by putting his vodka in a water bottle. He was thrown out of his parent’s house at the age of eighteen do to his parents denying the affair he stated he saw his father in.

Sean met his wife at the restaurant he was employed at. Jules his wife was also an alcoholic and would encourage his drinking. Sean began to have blackout and when he got drunk he would develop a temper which would cause him to have fights. He was heading into having major health problems along with the possibility of death from his drinking or having a blackout in the road.

Sean’s parents and brother wanted Sean to get the help he needed to stop drinking. They did not stop loving him and wanted the best for him Even though Sean would not listen to his brother in regard of his drinking and did not want to even discuss the lie of their father’s affair. After much work to get Sean to see that he was loved by his family and his need for treatment. Sean finally did agree to seek treatment and that his family did love and care for him. Sean’s wife at first was against him going into treatment she finally agreed for him to go yet she refused any help for herself.

According to Wright (2011) he states that an “a hazardous event is an occurrence that starts a chain reaction of events that culminates in a crisis”. Sean biggest crisis was the allege affair of his father and he kept of having situations that compiled other events that ended in a major crisis. Sean was using his alcohol as a way of escaping his pain and the hope of not having to deal with any pressure in his life. Wright (2011) further states that a crisis could either provide growth and improvement with proper intervention or it could cause pain, dissatisfaction, or could lead to dissolution.         

                                  Alleviating the Crisis

        Sean’s family saw the need for immediate crisis intervention in hope of saving his life. Because of the alcohol abuse he was heading to major health issues and he was already experiencing blackouts and seizures. They first had to encourage him into treatment and help him see their love and concern.  According to Wright (2011) a crisis can be perceived dangerous and it can threaten the person involved and those involved in the crisis intervention. It is vital to seek intervention as soon as possible due to the time to provide this intervention is limited. Even though Sean’s family saw the need for intervention they had to also be patient with him to see the need for this intervention.

        Both Sean’s family and Sean were demonstrating stress in their crisis situation. Floyd (2008) stated that crises and stress are sometimes interconnected. The first step of crisis intervention is helping Sean see the need of intervention and helping see how his drinking can lead to his death. Even though Sean was not dealing with his family daily this student assessed that he never faced the alleged affair of his father and this was deeply affecting him because of his family pushing him out at the age of 18. This student would utilize the Crisis Ministry Model by Floyd (2008).  Floyds states that stress can result in one stressor pushing or exerting force against another (2011). Sean was dealing with many situations that were affecting his emotional wellbeing. By assisting Sean in facing his drinking and emotional and stressful situations in his life is the first step in helping him learn to handle the stress in his life. By doing this this can also help him not to turn to alcohol to alleviate his pain.



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