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Declaring English as the official Language

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Essay Preview: Declaring English as the official Language

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Declaring English as the official language

Currently, there is a heated topic discussed with the government over whether it is appropriate or not to make English the official language of the United States. Some may contend that English serves as a symbol to ensure the existence of a nation and it can somehow unify the whole nation, while others may contradict that English-only policy impedes the multicultural development to some extent since America is a nation of immigrants. In opposition to Jamieson's argument in "The English-Only movement: Can America Proscribe Language with a Clear Conscience?", I favor designating English as the official language for its effect on promoting the unity of the United States, increasing the work efficiency of the government and for connecting with the globalized world.

First and foremost, making English as the official language is an essential way to unify Americans and immigrants and to improve their relationship. According to sociologists' research, by speaking the same language, the cases of racial discrimination would diminish to some degree, who also claim that language, not just being a communication tool, but also has the power to connect people's hearts and give them a sense of belonging to this country. For immigrants, the first time they set their feet on the U.S. territory indicates that they might have fully prepared to get themselves plunge into the melting pot. Similarly, former senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole agrees that "promoting English as our national language is not an act of hostility but a welcoming act of inclusion" (Jamieson, 4). Therefore, making English the official language serves as encouragement for the newcomers to learn English well, in order to adapt themselves quickly to this English dominant society. More importantly, the more newcomers become assimilated to this society, the less racial and ethnic conflicts would happen between Americans and immigrants. By sharing the same language, it is easier for them to get along well and to lead harmonious lives in this big family.

Secondly, making English the official language will largely increase the government's work efficiency by both saving time and money. The relevant statistics in" Costs of Multilingualism " from usenglish.org show that the time devoted to interpreting and translating has tremendously lowered the working pace. Also, a great deal of money invested on the multilingual services has delayed the completion of other public service projects. After the 2008 global economic crisis, it is certainly more meaningful casting the same amount of money on constructing a new highway in comparative underdeveloped state or spending more time investigating how to stimulate economic growth in the United States. In other words, by cutting the costs of multilingualism, the government will concentrate more on



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