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The Wellspring Community is an ecumenical Community of lay and ordained men and women, who are seeking new ways of living the Gospel. The Community was established in 1992. It is inspired by the Iona Community, founded in Scotland in 1938 by George MacLeod. The Iona Community is known world-wide for its radical and prophetic Christianity, liturgical renewal, and engagement with local and global issues.

In the wellspring community, they strive for unity between many different Christian denominations. “The Community seeks to promote cooperation and sharing of truths, learning to live beside those of other faiths in trusting relationships.”

They believe that:

  1. God delights in diversity and seeks unity.
  2. The Spirit is present in all of life
  3. The centrality of Jesus Christ in Christian believing is not to be compromised.

They bring people together by holding many events throughout Australia welcoming all Christian denominations. They have guest speakers from around the world to talk about unity and current events, a series of workshops run by various members and discussion statements where everyone can have their say in current issues.

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The NCCA (National Council of Churches in Australia) is an ecumenical council which aims to help unite most, if not all, denominations of Christianity. Prior to 1994, its founding date, such council was a part of the WCC (World Council of Churches) before branching of into a smaller focus on the nation of Australia. However, due to such council being classified under the principle of ecumenicism, its primary aim is to help unite the Christian Churches under the work and faith of God.

An initiative in which they have developed is the ‘Safe Church Program’ which assists in providing a uniting group of denominations. These fall under three categories:

  • Safe Church Training Agreement: Local church leaders will be able to attend workshops to learn of ways to unite their congregation
  • Safe Church Network: Making sure that ‘Australian churches are physically, emotionally and spiritually safe for children and the vulnerable’.
  • Safe as Churches: Conference that is held in order to support those who are a part of the ‘Safe Churches Program’.

The WCC (World Council of Churches) is a major ecumenical council that works to achieve Christian unity worldwide. By calling leaders from a variety of denominations to converse and work together to find common ground, there have been changes in theological, liturgical and spiritual values in order to find a balance of faith across all Christian denominations. Furthermore, by cooperating with other ecumenical bodies in different countries and regions, a network has been created by which each denomination contributes aspects of their belief in relation to others to find one that suits each Christian faith. One such example is how the WCC and Roman Catholic Church work together, with Roman Catholic Church consultants and missionaries coordinating with WCC staff on mission issues, as well as play a part in the ecumenical deeds of the organisation.



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