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Describe the Multicultural and Multinational Issues Surrounding Information Security

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Essay Preview: Describe the Multicultural and Multinational Issues Surrounding Information Security

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1. Describe the multicultural and multinational issues surrounding information security.

Every organization is based on multicultural factors to conduct business in an ever-changing international globalized market. Generally the work environment of any organization is involves various employees from different cultures or societies. It is never possible for an organization to build their employee strength based on a single culture. A multicultural employee union can provide more strength to the organization. In a multi cultured work environment each employee tries to put their best effort for the organization by cooperating with other employees in the organization. They aim to achieve the success for the organization with the help of their skill and knowledge base. But many times the multicultural work environment becomes a security focal point for the organization in cases where the organization fails to establish coordination among the employees or understanding in diversified backgrounds which may impact their loyalties to the company depending on where they are from, leading to company espionage, or leakage of trade secrets. There are also cultural differences in how information security is addressed or learned so the better understanding a company has of its diversified workforce the better information security training they can provide and at an interval to keep all employees informed of changes, updates, or cancellations of existing information security policies the company has in place. The multinational factor is basically involved in collaboration of a certain number companies across different countries to execute work activities. Generally companies aim to improve their business culture by adopting multinational factor. It helps one organization to increase its work efficiencies and technical skill by acquiring the knowledge from other organization. The mutual understanding among all the organizations helps to boost their performance in the growth market. But sometimes the multinational factor can be viewed as a threat to the information system of the organization. Many times the organizations try to steal the information from other companies and implement the same in their organization rather than utilizing it as reference. In such situations, the organization who originated the information will go suffer great loss and potentially lose their growth marketability. Working multinational additionally has different laws and regulations in regards to information security. With differences in laws and regulations there needs to be sound contracts in place to ensure that one company is protected from laws or regulations which would supersede it's information security practices if working internationally. This will help ensure protection while collaborating across the globe.

2.0 Describe the security challenges presented when an organization has multiple directors leading information technology departments.

An Information technology department is responsible for establishing server, and networking architecture, as well as maintaining and installing all hardware and software security and processing devices. The entire operational activities of the organization keenly depend upon the information technology architecture and sound security practices. To make the work process more efficient the organization generally divides the information technology department into various sub departments based on the type of work. Each department will be headed by one director and a certain number of employees to work for those departments. The employees of that department will have to report to their departmental director regarding the work activities. To control the entire activities of all the departments there will be one head director



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