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Different Film Industries in Different Countries

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Essay Preview: Different Film Industries in Different Countries

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Different Film Industries in Different Countries

There is one kind of product which needs multi-million investments but can see a return in only 15 to 30 days. It is based on innovation and represents a country's culture. Depending on its collection of audio and visual experiences, it can earn praises or criticism from thousands of people. Films are enchanting products for the world.


It is quiet impossible to think about the American film industry without the name of Hollywood. While you are thinking about Hollywood and the American film industry you will find that the effect of Hollywood has given rise to several periods of American Cinema. From silent films to movies made by modern technology and cinematography, all have been shot in Hollywood.

For a long time Hollywood has been the best film production base and has produced many classic films for audiences all over the world.

The Hollywood film industry is an amalgamation of technological and commercial institutions of filmmaking. It generally consists of film production companies, film studios, cinematography, film production, screenwriting, pre-production, post production, film festivals, actors, directors, and film personnel.

Today the Hollywood film industry is positioned across the world. In this 21st century, the major business centres of filmmaking are concentrated in United States, India and China. Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles, California that is situated in west- northwest of Downtown Los Angeles. Due to its fame and cultural individuality of movie studios and movie stars, the word Hollywood is often used as a connotation for the cinema of United States which is popularly known as the Hollywood film Industry.


China has the fastest growing film market in the world. According to the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, China's box office receipts exceeded $1.6 billion in 2010, a 40 per cent increase from the previous year, with much the increase attributed to the success of Avatar and Chinese blockbusters such as Feng Xiaogang's Aftershock and If You Are the One 2 . Chinese box office revenues surged 44 per cent to $908 million in 2009 according to the state-run China Film Group. Chinese films accounted for 56 per cent of the take. In 2005, China's box-office receipts totalled about $230 million.

China produces three main kinds of movies: commercial films, propaganda films and art films. They sometimes go through a similar screening process but are produced with different goals in mind and different relations with the government. Chinese art



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