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Different Religious Beliefs

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Heading religious researcher of Jammu and Kashmir, Grand Mufti Mohammad Bashiruddin, on Sunday issued fatwa against the area's main all-young ladies rock band run by the high school young ladies and against Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for augmenting back to them. The Grand Mufti termed the three adolescent young ladies, who shaped the rock band, 'non genuine's, stating such a methodology expedites 'gang rape'. "Dishonorable episodes like posse assaults that happened in Hindustan as of late are an aftereffect of this stuff. It happens when ladies are given flexibility to wander around, sing and move," Bashiruddin told The Tribune. The fatwa --a warning by an Islamic researcher, who has learning of religious philosophy, religious statute and law --has been issued by the "Supreme Court of Islamic Shariat" headed by Bashiruddin.

The above article describes the culture issues in the world. In every country expect India and Pakistan, women's has equal rights in the society. . Ethics generally refer to limitations and restrictions of freedom, boundaries determined by modern society. In regard with above article, India has a male dominating society in which women are deprived of their basic human rights and in most parts of the country women is treated as the property of man. In the Muslim's culture woman's have to cover their whole body with black clothes which they called BURKA. Even woman has to cover their face while going to market or anywhere. In their culture they have to do what their parents or husband wants. According to the cultural believes the Bashiruddin took a right decision because their culture does not allow the woman's to wear short type of clothes. Everyone has to follow the rules which are made by their society or culture. Bashiruddin just took those steps to teach lesson to the society that they have to follow their religious beliefs. Child is like a canvas, society and parents can paint it in their own colors. Bashiruddin wants to set an example for future generation that anything against the religion will not be accepted.

According to me, ethics means what we gain from our society. So, now it's depending on us whether we have to choose the right path or wrong path. When we live our life according to moral values based on honesty, compassion, courage, modesty and forgiveness then we can never take wrong steps. Many people believe that ethics are derived from religion and they don't think whether these are right or wrong just follow them because they think it's religious but no religion puts limitation on anyone's freedom. Every human being has rights and when any culture does not recognize these rights - that is, is blind to the obvious truth of equality - that culture is in the wrong and in need of change.



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