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Disabling Condition

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Duets of a gaze are commonly insufficient in peeping what resides in the inside. Observation was utilized in the past as a tool for diagnosis. An individual who had the disease of the muscle was perceived to be simply under nourished (MDA 2001). Derived from this theory, is the word dystrophy, created from the Greek and Latin word faulty nutrition (MDA 2001). As the era progressed, so did the quality and knowledge of the health services. A muscle disease occurs because of the malfunction of genes in the muscle protein and the structure of the muscle fiber is maintained by the proteins (MDA 2001). Muscular dystrophy is basically a cluster of genetic diseases with the progressiveness of weakness and the breakdown of voluntary or skeletal muscle that leads to restricted movement (MDA 2001).

Muscular dystrophy does not only affect children. Although it usually occurs during childhood or infancy, dystrophy affects all ages, some people might get it at a later time in age, usually during the middle age or even older (MDA 2001). Children, who acquire it early on, now live longer with their heart and lung problems, do to improvement of medical care. There are different forms of muscular dystrophy; they are myotonic, Duchenne, Becker, Limb-girdle, Facioscapulohumeral, Congenital, Oculopharyngeal, Distal and Emery-Dreifuss (MDA 2001).

Each form of this disorder are based on the area in which the muscle is located in the body, the kind of muscle tissue involved or simply a individuals name such as a doctor , whom came up with the name (MDA 2001) . The difference in the form of muscular dystrophy is based on sternness, the speed at which the symptoms grow, the way the disease is inherited, and the onset age (MDA 2001).

Muscular dystrophy can be inherited. It is diagnosed by physical examination and the client's medical history. There are a few common diagnostic test , one of them are the biopsy of the muscle ,this tells the doctor which form of dystrophy it is, another is the blood enzyme , this test is useful because muscles with this disease leak enzyme proteins and it could be detected in the blood (MDA 2001).

The potential delivery system of a Recreational Therapist is; Aquatic Therapy through wellness centers, Municipal TR Program, Easter Seals, Physical Rehab Facility, Specialty Camps, or associated Nonprofit Groups (Devine 43). In TR their focus with these systems are gross motor movement, maintenance of physical well being, center of techniques for relaxation, cultivations of self expression, social interaction, support, and the use of assistive devices when appropriate (Devine 43). The effects of the potential delivery system is maintenance of muscle tone and range of motion, also enhanced endurance, strength balance, muscle tone, improved voluntary muscle control, improved self esteem , increased involvement and enhanced independence (Devine 43).

Municipal TR is Therapeutic Recreation for a certain community. For example in the city of Westland they offer adapted and therapeutic program for individuals with disabilities. A yearly membership is required, non residents can participate also for a fifteen dollar membership (cityofwestland). There are programs such as cooking classes that teaches individuals to cook a cheap meal, set tables and clean up (cityofwestland). This particular service allows the individual to have a certain skill to achieve independence. Also there is swimming at the Dryer Orthopedic School which addresses the physical need of an individual with muscle dystrophy or any other form of disability (cityofwestland).

The pool is completely accessible but there needs to be an aid or family member. In addition the program titled, Night for Me is a social gathering; every night there are different places to do activities (cityofwestland). Golf lessons are even offered in this city (cityofwestland). These lessons permit's the person to acquire new leisure knowledge. T-Ball and Coach Pitch is another sport program that is offered, and it tends to the adapted sports for the disabled. A certified recreational therapist teaches the basics to play the game despite their impairments (cityofwestland). The TR municipal service, involves basically the family placing their



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