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Discussing a Treatment Plan

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Essay Preview: Discussing a Treatment Plan

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Discussing a Treatment Plan

Keisha Edwards


April 27, 2015

Adam Chidekel

Discussing a Treatment Plan

         Before the client can be successful in their treatment plan, there has to be an evaluation and an assessment done first. In the evaluation and assessment the client’s problem area and strengths should be clearly identified before treatment can began. When a treatment plan is developed it should take into account the client’s motivation to engage in the treatment plan.

                                             The Treatment Plan

Developing a service/treatment program for a client should consist of various components. The commencement of a treatment plan there should be a helper/expert that should carry a client evaluation. The evaluation should determine the basis of the difficulty in assessing the client’s background. After the completion of the evaluation, then it’s time for the helper/expert to start planning and developing a treatment/service plan that will best fit the client’s problems. With Mr. Larry McCune, the services and evaluation plan should include tasks and goals that is related to the client’s problems and what the client has been experiencing for example: Mr. McCune, wants to return to work, but he has no transportation. It’s up to the helper to find Mr. McCune, services and programs that will help him find a job and help him with transportation. Another example is if the client needs social support, then a specific goal should be devised to cater this very need (Summers. 2012).

Larry McCune is a 34 year – old men, who is seeking out help to address a numerous of bothersome problems that is really affecting his life. A car accident took the life of his 4 year-old daughter almost 4 years ago, and he has been living with this accident ever since then. Mr. McCune suffers from severe headaches and hallucinations about that day and it disturbs his sleep. Mr. McCune has also developed a phobia to riding in cars, and he has become bristly and his behavior towards his co-workers is impolite which has left him without any friends. Mr. McCune wife has left him, and took their only living child a 9 year old son. Mr. McCune is seeking assistance to help himself to get better and feel better about working with others without having any mental tension on a regular basis (Summers, 2012).

We want to start with the most important goal and that is to prevent any trauma that is causing Mr. McCune to have hallucinations and severe headaches, which is happening very often, to decrease Mr. McCune phobia about cars and other means of transportation, for Mr. McCune to become more sociable and to restart his normal life with his family. The first goal is to get Mr. McCune examined by a regular doctor, to determine the cause of his headaches, to see if they are a result from the accident or if they are neurological. The second goal is to place Mr. McCune on antidepressant medications for depression and anxiety that will help with the hallucinations, phobia, and his lack of sleep and his headaches. The medications will help him to function on a day to day basis.



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