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Disparity and Discrimination

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Essay Preview: Disparity and Discrimination

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In this essay disparity and discrimination will be explored along with the individuals that are affected by them. The two factors in today's society that have a big impact in our society are discrimination and disparity. In this essay there will be examples of how discrimination and disparity play there role within Criminal Justice along with some similarities and differences between them. The next few pages will not only explain what the differences are between discrimination and disparity, but will also discuss how discrimination and disparity play a major part in court procedures, big parts in law enforcement, and all the correctional facilities.

In today's Criminal Justice System, there are three things that are a very important factor. These important factors within the Criminal Justice System are equal rights for all, fair and equitable treatment for all, and due process no matter what the color of your skin is. Unfortunately things within the Criminal Justice System are still not viewed in this way. Statistics still shows that there are continues issues with disparity and discrimination when the attorneys, public defenders, district attorneys and so forth when dealing with the public within the criminal justice system.

According to Microsoft Encarta Dictionary, disparity is defined as a lack of equality between people or things and Discrimination is defined as treating people different through prejudice or unfair treatment of one person or group. Discrimination is a factor that has been around for many years with some improvements, but there is still a long way to go because society still having some problems with how they deal with discrimination.



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