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Divorce - Research Paper

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Family life in the United States and even around the world has drastically changed in decades; and according to studies, this particular change would certainly continue. These changes causes controversies as to who are the real victims of the matter and what are the real effects of such situations. In the different issues of divorce that are related to the extensive effect of such situations to the youth, there had been numerous studies performed to actually focus on explaining the said matters.

This particular study then would try to identify the different elemental factors that are related to the growing number of divorce and the target victims of the situation. Primarily, the focus of this research shall handle the different issues that concern the explanation as to how divorce actually affects the self-esteem of the youth who are likely involved with parent who have been divorced or undergoing divorce proceedings at present. What are the effects of such situations that are likely to directly mandate the growth of the youths involved in it? How is their self-esteem affected by the fact that they are born to broken families? Why should these particular issues be given outstanding care and understanding by the society today? These questions shall be further addressed through the research that follows through.


DIVORCE: An Impelling Factor that

Affects the Self-Esteem of Its Young Victims

Part 1: Introduction

More than nine out of ten people at some point who tie the knots of their relationship end up separated after a few months or several years of marriage. Around the world, there are already at least 30% of the entire continental population that recognizes divorce as a legal matter that needs to be considered in giving way to the freedom of individuals to choose the right partner for their own. The roller coaster of the situation of families today actually demote the massive changes that are happening within the family relationships that used to be traditionally in tact.

Considering this particular fact, it is undeniable that marriage and family issues are then rather increasingly affecting the people that are concerned with in the relationships that are involved herein. Likely, the most devastated members of the family when such situations occur are the children. It could not be denied that the children are the ones who are suffering from the effects of divorce. How true is this? In what particular aspect of growth are the young ones affected by the separation of their parents? What does real reports say about this matter?

To be able to give a clarified identification of the questions raised in the discussions noted above, it is indeed important to know what particular issues are certainly related to the situational assessments of divorces among parent at present. To better give an overview of the major points to consider within this research, the questions that follow shall give an overview of the problems that shall be dealt with herein:

(a) Through world reports that are to be gathered to support the issues discussed within this particular study, what are the main reasons behind the divorces that are undergone by many married couples today?

(b) As parents of the children who are likely to be involved in the separation proceedings, how are the couples deciding to undergo divorce actually preparing their children for the stresses that are to be brought about by the said process?

(c) As young ones, how are the children likely able to understand the standing of their parents with regards the relationship that they are establishing within their families?

(d) Is it possible that the experts give an explanation as to how this particular familial situation affect the growth of the young individuals within the society that they live in and within themselves in particular? If there are certain explanations, are there several proofs given to support the said clarifications of the matter?

This research has been designed in certain foundations that would give it the practical sense of being pursued. To name the basic foundations of this study, the following objectives shall give an overview of the matter:

(A) To give clarification behind the real reasons of divorce to allow couples at present avoid the same mistakes that other couples have committed according to reports allowing them to lessen the drastic effects of the said situation towards the victims that it affects.

(B) To give valid explanations as to how divorce actually affects the young generation in an aim of showing the parents a clear understanding of how much they are affecting their children's growth through the simple decision of separating or breaking the family ties through divorce.

Through knowing the purposes and the problems that shall be addressed within this research, it could not be denied that the study could then be well understood as to how it could actually affect the ways by which parents recognize their roles in helping their children attain their best potentials for personal development. It is also through this study that the youth of today who have been involved in parental divorce issues shall be helped to understand how they should react to the different issues that they have to face with regards the relationship that they are forming with their separated parents and how they should actually use this particular situation as a stepping rather than a stumbling stone.

Part 2:



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