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Does Climate Change Affect Entrepreneurs?

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Essay Preview: Does Climate Change Affect Entrepreneurs?

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Global Warming or Climate Change has always been a very serious issue/matter in the world whether politically, socially or economically. It produces severe actions to mother nature and has really damaged the environment and has caused us humans the very unwanted way by means of illness and the like (i.e. fever, cough and cold). This issue has never evolved and has continued to create feats which we humans don't like.

I, myself is a proud advocate of the environment and this has really affected me. I could barely think that indeed, humanity is at a grievous situation wherein pure manifestation of harm is at its presence and one great example of this harm would be climate change.

As a social advocate and a marketing major student, I must say that Climate Change greatly affects the economy particularly those big firms and companies/ the entrepreneurs. With it, profitability of every firm wavers and that is of course one of the causes for firms to falter. Many manufacturers are concerned with this kind of issue for gradually, it is affecting the raw materials that they are using to produce their products.

So first things first, we should be off and should not live out abusing the environment and we should rather do things the right and proper way. In every simply thing we do, we do not just help the local government and big companies operating, we also help mother nature regaining what she has lost.

And also, let us all remember that very particular Lasallian saying that goes "Let us start the change we want to see, the change that begins in me".



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