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Does Impossible Mean Not Possible?

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Essay Preview: Does Impossible Mean Not Possible?

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Dear Friends,

Impossible is the term we use heavily and daily to find excuse and to avoid risk in life.....

Does 'impossible' mean 'not possible'?

NO. It remains IMPOSSIBLE as no one hasn't done it or achieved ever. Stepping into the moon was IMPOSSIBLE till 1969 when an American Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon. But not many know his colleague Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, who stepped in after 20 minutes. Being the first is really tough and the world remembers the first only. Then why do we always need insurance in our career... and we walk in the same road again and again, Can't we make a way....?

The advantage is that, there won't be any competition (at least in the initial stage) and you will always be renowned as the pioneer, ultimately bringing in self satisfaction. Then why we need to play an indoor game in our life, within the walls..... Play outside the walls...know the world outside....Let the world know you as well.

According to me, the essential element required is a strong desire to achieve success in life. We must realize that like any other person we also have limitations .But owning a strong conviction can help you to overcome all those limitations. Hard work, positive attitude, creativity are some of the qualities considered to be the elements of success! But I believe that these things will be automatically generated when we have a strong urge or drive to win. I sincerely ask you to have this DRIVE in life, backed by determination and dedication.

Try to perceive success as a never ending journey in life, but not a restroom in life. When we limit success in life to one particular object or position, actually we are limiting ourselves. It doesn't mean that you lack focus in life. Always try to set targets in life. But once when it is achieved, set another one. It creates freshness in whatever we do and ultimately makes us target oriented. Also provide more focus on solutions than on problems in life.

Always try to be innocent and trustworthy in your lifetime. Also, try to find pleasure in everything we do, ranging from a cup of tea to a big research project. The benefit is that we love whatever we do; it brings in interest and a sense of eagerness. People may sometimes evaluate this as childish, but always try to follow methods which work best for you, without harming others. Also try to open your mind like a parachute. I learned that mind works better once opened; also it helps in safe landing! Also be adaptable to situation and with people.

It can be better explained that I am not a conventional thinker, but still



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