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Draft - an Introduction to Retail Management and Marketing

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Essay Preview: Draft - an Introduction to Retail Management and Marketing

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Draft - An introduction to retail management and marketing

The main aim and endeavor of this write is to gain maximum possible grades for the student and shall make all efforts to present an originally scripted, professional and high grade paper in line with needed requirements and demands of the customer and University.

Introduction: This paper shall consider the retail banking sector in this country. For one thing, the retail banking sector is dynamic and evolving with a large number of new financial products and services being on the anvil in current times. Three current issues that affect the retail banking sector are the interest rates, recessionary trends in the economy and high degree of competitiveness with even non banking businesses now being permitted to work as banks in as far as deposits solicitations, loans and other banking business are concerned.

Body: There is need to examine each of these aspects of interest rates, recession and competitiveness within the banking business. There is need to discuss which aspects of the retail sector they will influence and how There is also need to consider current global and international retailing issue affecting chosen sector. There is also need to consider the current sustainability and ethics issue affecting chosen sector. Besides, current technology and retailing issue affecting your chosen sector. Discuss how the retailers in your chosen sector might respond to the issues identified earlier and suggest what the future implications of these issues are for that retail sector and what actions retailers can take to ensure long term success. Finally, there is need to consider three recommendations for retailers in retail banking sectors.

Conclusions: This segment would aptly sum up the deliberations and offer appropriate recommendations in line with work dedication to each segment of this part of EMA, with roughly one page (250 words) to each idea under discussion.




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