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Drill or Not to Drill

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Drill or Not to Drill?

This is a great topic to explore and read about. I have to dis-agree with President Barack Obama; on his setting a clear goal that in ten years the United States will finally end our dependence on oil from the Middle East. I have to agree with the people and opposing politicians on this topic to drill. As I read more and more about the topic on drilling, I believe it is too late to free the United States of America from the dependency of foreign oil. With some many errors and mistakes we have already caused on our own as a country, there are too many facts that state the truth to United States fallen short of this goal of reducing dependency on foreign oil. With the United States, embarking upon an energy independence plan back in the mid-1970's and not preparing for our own future has created massive problems from economic, environmental, and national security perspectives. With the country experiencing past oil embargo's and gasoline shortages, have also played a role in as a lesson learned, when trying to become a dependent resource. ("Although the United States is the third largest oil producer," 2008), the U.S economy has grown at a fast rate over time and oil substantially become more expensive and unable to produce and sale oil cheap like the Persian Golf countries, has caused the USA to lose track of it is goal of independency from foreign oil, like it was in back in the mid-1970's.

If the U.S had taking the right steps of action, like the South America nation of Brazil declared during the mid-1970, we as a country would not be in the long war of foreign oil dependency. I agree with Obama and his administration on promoting the growth of green jobs and the focus toward the coming years of new technologies, such as solar power, clean coal, and ethanol fuel but this only tackles one percent of our energy problems. However as a country, this has become a forty-year old issue for the U.S., leading to three main flaws to this problem. ("First there has been a focus on developing a perfect solution in a laboratory environment and implementing it, rather than making use of what is available. Second with respect to oil, the perfect alterative has not been found, nor at this point is there no strong suggestion of what it might be. Last the regulations have hampered many private sector efforts to develop solutions," 2011). These flaws have pushed many to believe dependency has increased instead of decreased.

If the U.S. continues to use oil as a fungible commodity and stop offshore drillings and not take on the action of, "drill here, drill now," and learn how to use alternatives and conservation, this may hinder independency for years to come. The U.S. needs to action on bringing technology to real world usefulness and avoid letting "perfect" stand in the way of "good enough," to address the USA's



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