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Drypers Case Study - Competitive Position & Swot Analysis

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Essay Preview: Drypers Case Study - Competitive Position & Swot Analysis

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Competitive Position & SWOT Analysis

Drypers is a very successful company. Drypers would rather spend money on the quality and different features of their product than advertising. They are letting the product speak for itself. Their target market consists of two types of consumers: users and buyers. Their users are infant and children below the age of four. The buyer is mothers ranging from age 18 to 49. The market they are entering slowly increasing every year, but the number of infants born ever year is decreasing.

The problem is whether spending 10 million in advertising is best or not and how are Drypers different than Proctor & Gamble or Kimberly Clark? Drypers diapers offer special features such as skin soothing diapers with aloe Vera that Proctor & Gamble and Kimberly Clark does not. There is no guarantee that these two top brands will attack the situation with advertising, which will decrease Drypers brand awareness and growth. The marking mix is defined as well. When concerning price, Drypers has premium quality product for a low price compared to competitors. The product itself has different features to help infants feel ecstatic to wear their diapers.

The competitors of the diaper brand are in three categories. Those three categories are premium price branded, value price branded, and private label. Premium price branded is held by the two top brands, whose names have been stated above. Value priced branded category is held by our Drypers Corporation.

For the SWOT Analysis, I will summarize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the Drypers Corporation. "Drypers is a strong competitor in the disposable diaper market. Focusing on product innovation, quality products and low prices has made Drypers a key competitor in the industry. Drypers has fostered strong relationships with its retailers through promotional marketing efforts." The strengths are product innovation (such as baking soda & aloe Vera) , product diversity, 4th largest diaper producer, 2nd largest seller of training pants in grocery stores, exclusive supplier at Wal-Mart in LA, joint ventures in foreign countries, quality inexpensive diapers, and licensed to use sesame street characters. Their weaknesses are as follows: lack of brand awareness, low penetration in mass merchants, small advertising budget, no dedicated sales force, and less national distribution capabilities. Their opportunities are; gaining brand awareness through television advertising, expanding market share, presence in mass markets, and international expansion. And lastly their threats are continued market share growth by P&G and KC, decline in sales, and no reaction or little response to television advertising.

National Television Advertising Campaign of 10 million dollars

Proctor & Gamble and Kimberly Clark are strong competitors



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