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HRM Group Assignments

Group Assignment has two parts.

Part I – Max Marks 20

Create detailed notes on the topic allotted to the group.

The concepts need to be explained by using appropriate examples.

In the footnote do mention the books and articles that the group has referred to.

This assignment is to be typed on A4size paper. Use Times New Roman. Use font Size 18 for Headings, font Size 14 for Sub-Heading and for normal text use font Size12.

Ensure Topic and Group member’s Name and Roll numbers is printed on the First page.

Part II – Max Marks 20

Group Members to make presentation on the topic allotted.

Total time available to make presentation is 30 Minutes (including Q & A)

Ensure first slide indicates Group members’ details


Class will choose 8 representatives, one for each of the group.

Representatives pick up a chit that will indicate group numbers 1 to 8. Number picked up will be the group number

Topics are allotted to each of the group

Two sessions (total 4 hours) will be allotted for presentation.

The presenting group will also submit the written assignment at the time of presentation.

The presentation sequence will be group 1 to 8 in chronological order.

List of Topics



Gr 1

HRM Models – ASTD, ADMM , Harvard Approach

Contemporary HR Roles, HR competencies & Impact on Business

Gr 2

HRP – Importance, Steps in HRP, Supply  Demand Forecasting Methods, Limitations and Barriers to HRP, Job Analysis – A Job description and Specification for a ROLE

Gr 3

Recruitment – Needs , Objectives, Process, Sources – internal & External, factors affecting recruitment and challenges to Recruitment

Induction – Socialization for new recruits

Gr 4

Selection – Process , selection methods, types of interviews, Typical questions during interview, selection outcome

Reasons  for poor selection during interview

Gr 5

PMS – Performance Cycle, PMS Framework, methods of Performance Appraisal -

Gr 6

Learning & Development

Principles of Learning, Training & Development, Trg Need Assessment

Training Methods, Training Evaluation, ROI on Training

Gr 7

What is career?, Career Planning System Career Paths, career development interventions, Roles in career planning of an employee, employer and mentor, Approaches to career development – RIASEC, Life span and space approach, Career Anchors – Stages in career development,  Career Management Framework

Gr 8

Change Management

Resistance to change by Individual - sources

Kubler Ross Model,

Kurt Lewin’s Model for change

Force filed diagram to counter resistance to change



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