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Educational Field

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I agree with the article that I have read about teachers. There are teachers that have continued to go to school for years and years to build on their educational career and there are teachers who have not have as many years of education compared to them, but their quality is just as good or even better. I think that teachers that try hard and try to work with what they have even if it's little experience, are as well as teachers who have had many years of experience. Their qualities should not be based upon how many years of experienced teaching or on their salary to determine that they are better or more effective teachers. Teachers quality is more than just about their experience.

There are so many positive aspects of education/teaching. The top most important would be everything involving the students. Seeing how much they progress or improve on their tasks they are given is the best sight in my eyes. The feeling that I get when I am able to help out or teach something new to a student or group of students is just great. I feel that even if it's a simple conversation with the student, I am improving my future to continue to make a difference in kid's lives.

I feel that the negative aspects of education/teaching are very minimum. There may be situations that will seem horrible and put you down, but it'll just be a learning experience. Emergency situations are bound to happen but figuring out how to stay calm and just fix them is the thing you have to do. There will be cases where the parents of the students may not have the full attention for their son or daughter, making it hard for you to communicate certain things to the parents concerning their child. I feel that no matter how negative something can be, there's always a way to fix it or improve it.



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