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Effective Advertising Planning and Implementation

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Effective Advertising Planning and Implementation

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Effective Advertising Planning and Implementation

The advertising message for the iPhone emphasizes a sense that although there are certainly challenges in life, the advancement of technology will never ceases to exist. Apple's iPhone is one of the company's most significant and fashionable products (Apple Introduces the New iPhone 4S, 2011). The advertising message gives emphasis to the fact that the phone is extremely advanced, so much so that the phone has the ability to function for the person. The message highlights that a person's life is often-times demanding and hectic, and that it can be eased by the one-stop-shop advanced tool with the dual core A5 chip (Apple Introduces the New iPhone 4S, 2011). Overall, the message fosters the consumers' attention while making the iPhone tantalizing. This, in turn, will drive the consumer to purchase the product in black or white even if they have the 3G in their pocket.

The product is directed to everyone, regardless of age or sex. The iPhone has applications which cater to all demographics in in 2007 apple re-invents the cellphone and in 2011 the fourth generation of them it is introduces the 4S in white or black. For instance, a person can find directions just asking the phone trough the Siri application to a destination or send an email to an acquaintance. The iPhone 4S is in all actuality still a phone, and as such, it is essentially targeting everyone who feels the need to own one or want to be on the edge of technology. Also the advertising message is directed to technology lovers.

Consumer behavior has the ability to establish trends, and as such, the target market may potentially be modified. In our scenario, the iPhone 4S is not necessary a requirement for many of its user, but since it has become a trend to own one; the target market has expanded to user who may not have the need for it. The economy also plays a role in consumer behavior. In trying economic times, consumers typically spend less, and only purchase things that are required. Nonetheless, despite the current recession, Apple's iPhone is continuing to sell at a quick rate.

The iPhone has taken over as the leader of its kind; it has done so through its pricing, the iPhone was once considered to be too pricey, as a result of a considerable drop in price it has now entered into a price war with other trademarks like the Android. It has positioned itself into pricing defensively in an attempt to gain additional market share, in addition to the company forecasting future competition for the product. Apple's iPhone positions its product to be victorious. The company has continuously invested research and advertising capital to make consumers awareness of the product on a global scale.

This iPhone is marketed through the Internet, television, billboards, radio, and print ads. The company has spent a tremendous amount of resources in order to utilize these channels. The advertisements demonstrate the technological advancements in which advertising has taken in this generation. The advertisements employs for its iPhone 4S are consistently clear and to the point and create a strong urge to purchase the item. The advertisements are exciting, especially their Internet advertisements, which encourage consumers to check out all of the products abilities. Apple has done a tremendous job at securing



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