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Effective Marketing Strategies to Alleviate the Low Market Sales in Dairy Farm in San Luis

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Essay Preview: Effective Marketing Strategies to Alleviate the Low Market Sales in Dairy Farm in San Luis

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A dairy is a business enterprise establish for harvesting or processing (or both) of animal milk, mostly from cows or goats. It is a place where the process happened. The dairy or a dairy farm is manufactured by the Department of Agriculture and detailed employees there which are dairy processor. The dairy processor is responsible for the processing the dairy products and at the same time they are the one who will sell those products in the market.

        During the stay of the work immersion student in dairy, they noticed that in terms of selling and advertising product, the industry is experiencing low earnings and they found that it was a lack of effective marketing strategies.

Effective strategies in marketing are crucial for any organization. While these strategies are seen as important, developing plans and strategies for marketing today is a challenging. With the unpopularity of the industry or a new rising industry, it will experience low earnings and will need strategies to level up their earnings, as well there industry. In order for a marketing strategy to be deemed effective, it must efficiently communicate all the features and characteristics the product's consumers’ demand. The organization is therefore required to align its marketing strategies with its overall objectives. Organization’ strategy is a long-term game plan objective which provides a clear road map on goals in order to achieve the corporate mission (Norman and Gaither, 2010).

Effective strategies are important to any organization that is keen on its performance and market competitiveness. Gregory (2011) warned that if any company is going to compete well in any industry then it must put in place strategies that are able to help the organization perform well. There is need for the organization to develop effective cost leadership, differentiation and market segmentation strategies. For any organization to continuously perform well in the market then it is important that it develops uniqueness and differentiation in terms of product and service. This should also strategically focus on the proper situational analysis of the ever competitive market (Phillips and Peterson, 2011).

Focus of the study is mainly on the marketing strategies or to find an effective strategy that will be adopted by dairy farm. The researchers come up with this study to help the dairy farm to improve its strategies and to alleviate the low market sales.

Statement of the problem

This study aimed to determine the effective marketing strategies to alleviate the low market sales in dairy farm.

1. Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions.

The profile of the employees may be described in terms of;

a.) Age

b.) Sex

c.) Employees position

2. The profile of the dairy consumers may be described in terms of;

a.) Age

b.) Sex

c.) Products consumed every week

3. How may the use of marketing strategies of dairy manufacturers be described?

4. How may the marketing strategies be effective to alleviate the low market sales in dairy farm?

Significance of the study

The findings of this study are expected to be beneficial to the following:

To the dairy manufacturer. This may help to have marketing strategies that’s effective and efficient in order to increase their market share.

To the department of agriculture. This study may help to analyze consumers satisfaction level towards their product’s and design and implement their marketing strategies which are compatible to consumer’s expectation

To the other dairy business establishment. This study will be significant to the other dairy business establishment as they will have prior knowledge about effective marketing strategies that can help also to increase their businesses

To the work immersion student in the future. This study will be significant to the work immersion student in the future for they will have the advance knowledge regarding to effective marketing strategies.

To the other researchers. Moreover, this study can be a guide for deeper and further researches. This may provide facts that are useful for other studies.

Scope and delimitation

This study focuses mainly on the effective marketing to alleviate the low market sales in the dairy farm at Sitio. Hacienda Brgy. Nonong sr. San Luis, Aurora.

The effective strategy to be adopted by the dairy industry will be derived from the employees of Department of Agriculture’s office and dairy consumers as the main source of the information. Respondent’s profile was delimited to age, sex, employees position and products consume every week of the dairy consumers.

The study will be conducted in Dairy farm Sitio. Hacienda Brgy. Nonong Sr. San Luis Aurora. The time frame will be covered by this research will be from Month of December 2018 to Month of March 2019, since this period of time will be enough to conduct the research.



Foreign Studies

Somba (2013) a good cost leadership strategy can help the company be effective and competitive in the market. The company can make more profit if they are able to review their prices in the market and compare with what the other companies are offering for the same type of products so that the products are priced effectively according to the market. The company is able to make more profit when the prices are reduced and make the cost of production as low as possible in order to reduce the prices of various products thereby making the company’s products more competitive in the market.

Market segmentation is another marketing strategy that can make dairy firms as competitive as possible and therefore for the competitiveness of Kinangop dairy limited market segmentation should be explored as a strategy. In conclusion the findings of the study show that the company has segmented its market to address the customers’ needs in various locations though the has not properly explored market segmentation as a strategy that can be explored to increase the company’s competitiveness in the ever increasing competitive market and therefore more market segmentation should be done to make the company more competitive in the market.



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