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Egypt Protests

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2. Kirpatrick, David. "Egyptians Defy Crackdown With New Mass Protests." New York Times. 4 Feb. 2011.. 4 Feb. 2011. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/05/world/middleeast/05egypt.html

3. Region: Middle East

4. Protests are continuing in Egypt although violence is seeming to subside. The Anti-government protesters now have control Tahrir Square. However, Earlier it was battle, not against the military, but against Mubarak supporters. There was battle with stick and stones for the square. Many politicians, actors and religious leaders have joined the protests. There were other ways of protests as well. Many human rights workers, many of which were building up cases against detained protestors, were kidnapped. In total 30 are missing. ""We have no interest in retribution," he said. "Mubarak must leave in dignity and save his country,"" (Kirpatrick para 17). Even with the all the protesting Mubarak is not going to resign yet. Many rumors of his vice president taking the wheel have surfaced but supposedly are untrue.

5. I learned that Egypt has never been a true democracy. In recent years laws have been passed but Mubarak still keeps power. I also learned that this was Mubarak's sixth term as president and his terms are six years each. This means Egypt probable doesn't have a limit on the amount of terms a president can serve for.

6. I can relate the crisis in Egypt to the Dynastic Cycle in China. In China if you lost the Mandate of Heaven that was means to overthrow the rule of the current family. The same is happening in Egypt, it is like Mubarak lost the mandate of heaven and now the citizens want to over throw him.



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