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Embryonic Stem Cells

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Essay Preview: Embryonic Stem Cells

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Topic Proposal


The audience will be members of the United States Congress. Members of the United States Congress


The subject of the essay will be to show the negative aspects of research on embryonic stem cells, and the possible harm it will cause to the female population. Maybe you should not introduce each line with "this section will talk about.." and "the subject of the essay..." when it's under the subject section.


Performing stem cell research on embryonic stem cells destroys innocent human lives.


Embryonic stem cells come from fertilized eggs, meaning that it is a potential human life. To do research on these embryonic cells is taking the life of that child no matter what stage the embryo or fetus has reached which is unethical. Also the amount of eggs it would take per patient to cure any disease is too risky and too costly.


Embryonic stem cell research has the potential to help many people with different diseases or medical issues that otherwise would have to suffer/live with the issue for of the rest of their lives. Would it make a difference if they decide to only use fetuses that were going to be aborted anyway?


Is it more harmful to perform embryonic stem cell research than to continue with pharmaceutical drugs or more preventative alternatives?


The outline for the main sections of my proposal:

Introduction: In this section I will provide background information on stem cell research

as well as introduce the potential harm that can come from embryonic stem cell research.

Thesis: The thesis will argue that embryonic stem cell research is more harmful to the

female population than good for the general population. Is is harmful to the female body if it's performed? Or just the embryo?

Background: This section will include alternative methods, the high costs of such

research, and the health risks associated with it.

Claim 1: (strong) The cost for the procedure would be too high per patient, and the possibility of human cloning

Claim 2 (stronger): Using adult stem cells is a more ethical alternative

Claim 3 (strongest): Embryonic



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