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Emirates & Covansys (india) Private Limited

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Essay Preview: Emirates & Covansys (india) Private Limited

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Work Order

(Refers to Dedicated Development Centre Services Agreement


Emirates & Covansys (India) Private Limited)

Date: 03 December 2007

[pic 1]

Work Order                         Template Version 1.0

Project Name                        :                iPad Application Testing

Project Type                        :                Testing

Document Name                :                iPad Application Testing Work Order.doc

Document Summary

This document refers to the Work Order defined in Dedicated Development Centre Services Agreement between Emirates and CSC.

This Work Order covers the following test types of Emirates iPad Application project:

  1. Manual Functional Testing
  2. Security Testing
  3. Performance Testing

Work Order Revision History



Update Document





Initial Version



Project Details

Project Sponsor

Hemant Julka (EGIT)

Project Owner

Sanjay Sharma (EGIT)


Hemant Julka (EGIT)

Project Manager

Sanjay Sharma (EGIT)

1.0        Definitions & List of Abbreviations        3

2.0        Interpretation of Documents        3

3.0        Work Order Term        3

4.0        Work Order Details        4

4.1        Scope        4

4.1.1        In-Scope        4

4.1.2        Out of Scope        5

4.2        Assumptions & Dependencies        5

4.3        Service Location        8

4.4        Tools & Infrastructure Requirements        8

4.5        Schedule        9

4.6        Deliverables        9

4.7        Delivery Methodology        9

4.7.1        Sprint Test Strategy        9

4.7.2        Entry & Exit Criteria        11

4.8        Acceptance Criteria        13

4.8.1        Sprint Acceptance Criteria        13

4.8.2        Deliverable Acceptance Criteria        14

4.9        Project Completion Criteria        14

4.10        Points of Contact        14

4.11        Communication Model        15

4.12        Approach for dealing with issues        15

4.13        Change Control        16

4.14        Charges and Billing Schedule        16

4.15        Pricing Terms & Conditions        17

4.16        Terms & Conditions        17

  1. Definitions & List of Abbreviations




Emirates Group IT


Covansys (India) Private Limited


Dedicated Development Centre Service Agreement

Work Order

(i) this work order to the DDC SA, (ii) the DDC SA (excluding any other work orders and (iii) the Work Order collateral documents

Work Order Collateral Documents

Any and all exhibits, schedules, appendices and other documents attached hereto, and/or which, by their terms, expressly refer to and incorporate this Work Order to the DDC SA

Work Order Effective Date

Date set forth in page, upon which this Work Order becomes binding and enforceable

  1. Interpretation of Documents

This Work Order addresses the specific terms, conditions and details relating to the Services under the provision of DDC SA.

Except as otherwise expressly provided herein,

  1. this Work Order incorporates by reference all of the terms and conditions of the DDC SA and the Agreement Collateral Documents
  2. all capitalized terms that appear in this Work Order shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the DDC SA
  1. Work Order Term

This Work Order shall commence on the Work Order Effective Date and shall and shall remain in effect for the period of  five (5) months unless terminated earlier pursuant to the terms and conditions of the DDC SA (the “Initial Term”).

Notwithstanding anything contained herein, this Work Order shall remain in full force and effect until completion of any Services to be rendered by Partner pursuant to this Work order including any end of term assistance services like Transition.



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