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Essay on Cyber Bullying

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Have you or anyone you know been bullied physically, or electronically? A bulli is someone who continuously picks on, intimidates and taunts smaller people. Many negative environments are created because of these people in our society. Many parents, teachers and adults are not aware of how severe most matters can or may already be. Bullying has become one of the biggest problems around the world. Whether the problem is taking place at home or at school many children are victims of this intimidation and most refuse to talk to someone about the situation because of the fear that has grown by the bully. Bullying has a major impact on todays young adults around the world. Children are getting pushed around, taunted, abused, suffering emotionally as well as harassment over the internet and physiological damage that may last the rest of their life, if help is not received soon

Cyber bullying is the most common type of bullying that most children use. When cyber bullying occurs the victim is being taunted and tormented by another user on the internet. Embarrassment usually takes place in a situation such as Cyber Bullying. A common example of cyber bullying could involve posting images, information and gossip about a certain individual. Millions of people are able to view and assist on harassing the individual. " kids say i'm saying all these nasty things on Facebook, when i don't even have one" (Willard,Nancy) In this situation a persons identification is stolen and used to embarrass others. He is blamed and accused of verbal content that he has never spoken of. This young boys social life has been destroyed by another being, and has been used to harm others. Situations like these can cause emotional damage toward an individual which can lead to suicide.

However Cyber bullying is just one type of bullying. Another type is physical. Physical harassment is abuse involving pushing, punching, shoving, slapping, spitting, tripping, etc.; intended to cause feelings of negativity and or bodily harm as well as physical suffering. Bullying situations that involve physical harassment usually occur on school grounds, where most students feel like they are able to do anything they'd like. Grades of higher levels are usually more known to physically abuse other students of their level or lower. Controlling others is a very high power in which bullies aim to do, peer pressure is also another way of controlling the victim. " Peer pressure is at it's highest and strongest at school, and the desire to fit into cliques is overwhelming for all students " Many students go out of their way to fit in and to be socially accepted towards others. Rejection sometimes occurs because of physical harassment caused by bullies. Physical harassment causes students refusing to attend school because of the bullying situation they may have. Isolation and social rejection may occur. Self esteem and behavior



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