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Explain the Purpose of the Web Site: Sales and Products

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Essay Preview: Explain the Purpose of the Web Site: Sales and Products

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Your Name: Rhonda Moody

Web site name: Amazon

Web site address: Amarzon.com

Explain the purpose of the web site: Sales and products

Rate each website characteristic using the following scale:

1 = Excellent 2 = Good 3 = Average 4 = Needs Improvement


Site Navigation 2 I decide to pick this website because, it is a favorite of mine, and the navigating is user friendly.

Warranty 2 Amragon committed to their warranties are honest. They have a good return policy with guidelines you can understand.

Privacy 3 Though my experience I have never had any problem getting my products from them in good condition. Policy states that they do not share the information that you trust them to others.

Security 2 I believe that they can be trusted.

Consistency of Design 1 Design very well and entertaining to shop for items.

Performance 2 Very helpful to its customers.

Color & Graphics 1 Well put together.

Audience 2 Many customers shop with Amazon and their product reaches me huge diverse audience.

Content 2 Good content

Links to other pages 2 I do not to be link with other page and Amazon is not.

Links to other sites 2 They have their own web-site

Overall rating of site 21 Is the best that I can give this web-site and be honest about it?

Respond to specific questions and make additional comments below:

Why do you like this web site?

Just in the past two (2) years I began to purchase many things on this web-site.

What makes this site different from others you visit?

There are always new in updated product and services on this web-site and its user friendly.

What one thing more than any other brings you back to this site over and over again?

New product and the search is really easy and fun to use.

Would you recommend this site to others? Why?

They order good prices and their service is really good.



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