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Exspansion of the Us

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Expansion Of The U.S.

1788- When the U.S. ratified the constitution a new nation consisted of 13 states and 4 million people. 1787- The U.S. passed "North West Ordinance" a decree to provide some sort of government for the settlers who moved west. When the territory had 5,000 adult males it could for a legislature to govern the territory. And when a territory had 60,000 inhabitants it could adopt a constitution and apply for state-hood.

As a result of expansion 10 new states joined between 1791-1820, 1803- Napoleon sold the Louisiana Purchase to the United States for 15 million dollars, the Louisiana Purchase more than doubled the size of the United States.

1836 American settlers in Mexican territory declared themselves independent forming the Republic of Texas. Mexican General Santa Anna sieged (13 days) the Alamo with 2,000 men. On March 6th, 1836 the Alamo fell 189 heroes offered their lives to insure the freedom of Texas. 600 Texans died.

General Sam Houston with 783 men engaged Santa Anna in a battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836. This battle lasted only 18 minutes, 630 Mexicans died 730 prisoners were captured including Santa Anna only 9 Texans died. Texas got their independence.

In 1845 the U.S. proclaimed Texas Annexation. The war broke out. The U.S. defeated the Mexicans in several battles of Vera Cruz; Mexico lost giving the U.S. Utah, California, Colorado, and Arizona.

In 1846 Treaty with Great Britain gave to the U.S. Oregon. In 1867 Baron Edward Stackl sold Alaska to the U.S. 1861- 1865 the American Civil War the North won the idea of federalism abolishing the practice of Confederacy.

Russia (1480-1917) Expansion

1480-Russia became independent because of Prince Ivan III the great.1547-Russia became an empire. Ivan IV the Terrible, czar both physically and culturally got separated from west. Asian influence from Mongols. Byzantine influence eastern orthodox region. Cyrillic alphabet also Ottoman Empire to the south of Poland and Sweden to the north land to CED of Russian empire.

1584-after the death of Ivan IV the Terrible, Russia had a long period of unrest. Nobles fougt for power and neighbors invaded territory 1613 A national assembly elected Czar Micheal Romandy Roman's ruled for 300 years 1682 Czar Peter I (1682-1729) a 6'9" energetic man decided there future lay in Europe. He made good and strong modern weaponry (1700-1721) Sweden War He extended bborders to the Baltic Sea Also built St. Petersburg moving a new capital there. He started a process of WesterniZation with different polotices. Next three successors of Peter were killed and 2 dies of small pox 1762-1796 Catherine the Great ruled Russia. Her husband was murdered for loving Germany. In war with Turkey, she won Sea of Azou and Black Sea 1772 Prussia, Russia, and Austria to advantage a weakened Poland



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