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Essay Preview: Facebookistan

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  1. Before viewing Facebookistan, respond to the following:
  • Do you use Facebook?

Yes. Main purpose of using Facebook I think is for keeping in touch with friends and family. It provides huge platform to stay connected with your network even colleagues and professional contacts.

Nowadays it also provides business pages which can be useful for marketing.

  1. While you are watching Facebookistan, respond to the following:

There are several individuals in the documentary who describe how Facebooks is used or what it means.

What types of values or points of view do you believe are promoted by the following individuals:

  • Facebook employees

They believe in giving people power to connect with each other, they identify themselves as smartest people in the world.

  • The Facebook ‘moderator/censor’

They go through graphic or inappropriate content which might affect their mental health and they are not well compensated for it. They are the people who dictate which content is inappropriate according to content violation guidelines under very low amount of time and high pressure.

  • One of the artists

Changing identity or forcing user to use their legal name. Facebook’s governing policies or justice systems are partial.

  • Mark Zukerberg

Giving everyone voice to share with the world what is important to them.

  • One of the Consumer(s)

Transparency and ownership of content issue. Facebook is not 100% transparent in their privacy policy provided to user while they claim ownership of the content posted by the user. When user deletes anything from facebook it is not completely erased.

Of the personal data being collected by Facebook, which one makes you the most nervous?

Data that user deletes from page is not fully erased is one of the major concerns, corelating data among friend list of user to draw various predictions as in shadow profiles and use personal data to shared with advertisers make me most nervous.

  1. After viewing Facebookistan, respond to the following:

  • Has your opinion changed on how you use Facebook?  Why?

After viewing the documentary, my opinion is definitely changes on how to use and what type of content to share. Because I find facebook’s policies and censorship rules some what of dictatorship in social platform.

  • What has changed with regard your opinion about using Facebook?

I have realized that we voluntarily provide our data to facebook exclusively to be used and controlled by facebook may be against us or less in favour for us. Thus, using facebook now, must be limited.

  • From a Human Resources perspective, what concerns do you have with regard to data and privacy?

I think major concern is what type of employee data is gathered and to what extend it is shared in organization.



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