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Femininity Today: "legally Blonde" Versus "mean Girls"

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Essay Preview: Femininity Today: "legally Blonde" Versus "mean Girls"

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Femininity Today: "Legally Blonde" versus "Mean Girls"

Femininity today is looked at a lot differently than it used to be. There are many movies and books that tell about the many various social, emotional, and personal hardships that women go through. Looking deeper into these two movies "Legally Blonde" and "Mean Girls", will open up the hidden messages of todays culture. Both are very popular movies with many similarities, but the differences that they do have are interesting.

The movies are similar in a handful of ways. First of all, Both involve young women coming into a new environment just trying to figure out where they belong. Elle from "Legally Blonde", decides to go to Harvard Law School with the priority of getting her boyfriend back. Kady from "Mean Girls", starts off at high school for the first time after being home schooled all of her life and is just trying to find her way. During the majority of both movies the girls have friends along the way with them trying to win the guy that they have an eye on. Elle is trying to get her wealthy, not so caring boyfriend back while he already has a new fiance. Kady also is trying to get a senior from her high school to notice and like her, while he has a girlfriend of which whom Kady is pretending to be friends with. Furthermore, another similarity is that both girls are very friendly and energetic, but get treated hastily by other females in the movie with them. The final similarity is that in the end both Elle and Kady lose interest in the men they were after and realize they are too good for them.

While there are multiple similarities, there are differences. Elle is at Harvard Law trying to get her boyfriend back, and she uses her intelligence in the classroom to get him to recognize her. On the other hand, Kady, who is very intelligent, acts dumb on purpose so that she can get the guy she likes to help tutor her. Also, Elle is very confident with herself and does not care what anyone thinks of her. Kady was the opposite. She entered her new high school feeling very nervous and like the outcast. Another difference was that Elle's boyfriend was looking for a girl with the credentials to make him look better for his planned future career. The boy that Kady was after, wanted a girl who had a real personality and was smart and fun to be around. Kady spent too much time trying to be someone that she was not to get his attention that it backfired on her. Elle spent a lot of time trying to be someone for her man of interest also, but in her case he wanted her back in the end. Elle's situation made her grow as a person though and she refused to take him back.

In conclusion, both girls went through many obstacles to be what others wanted them to be. Luckily they found who they wanted to be for themselves in the end, and were left with the real friends that were there



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