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Feminism in Trifles

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Essay Preview: Feminism in Trifles

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Feminism in ‘Trifles’

“Trifles” by Susan Glaspell is the play that examines the concept of ‘feminism’ and shows how the gender roles have their influences in life. It also talks about the important little details found by the women, related to the murder of Mr. Wright that helped solve the case. The title of the the play, “Trifles” is very ironic as it refers to something of less importance but in the play it's the little details that lead to women’s succession despite the assumed superiority of the men. The men who are there to solve Mr. wright’s murder case, think that women worry about all the small insignificant details that are completely irrelevant. Mrs Hale and Mrs. Peters decided to ignore what men thought about them and decide to solve the case by women’s view. While they are picking up Minnie’s things, they decide to be sympathetic towards Minnie even though they are familiar with the reality of her killing her husband. The women believe that the court would never understand the treatment she suffered in her life after getting married to John. The play reveals that the women resist by hiding all the significant details that would prove Mrs. Wright a murderer and they didn’t want her to suffer any longer as they were already familiar with what she went through and they decided to cover up the case for her by not revealing the evidence to the police which would further implicate Mrs Wright.

The men’s typical attitude towards the women reinforces the way women fight against patriarchy by proving Mrs. Wright as innocent which shows that women should abandon gender roles in the face of adversity. When Mrs. Hale says, “I’d hate to have men come to my kitchen, snooping and criticizing.” (Glaspell 986), shows how the men paid almost no attention to women’s doubt for the minute evidences such as ruined food preservatives and the bread that was left out of its box. shows. Mrs. Hale, being Mrs. Wright’s neighbor is more sympathetic as she knows how cold Mr. Wright was to her and how lonely she must have been after they got married as she had no one to sing with or go out with. Although, at some point, Mrs. Peters is concerned about the law and getting punished for interfering with the procedure as she believes everyone is equal before the law as Mr. Henderson addresses that she was married to the law whereas Mrs. Hale is more confident and of the things they do. Eventually, Mrs Hale somehow convinces Mrs. Peters and they decide to unite and silently hide the evidences that would prove Mrs. Wright guilty.

Mrs Peters despite of being Sherif’s wife goes against him when Mr. Henderson tells her that she is married to the law. At first, she finds excuses for not interrupting in the investigation process and being loyal to the males. “Ofcourse, it's not more than their duty” she makes this claim when Mrs. Hale complaints of men coming to her kitchen. Later, Mrs. Hale tries to convince her and she remembers how a boy chopped up her kitten with



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