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Filenaming Convention

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When you're using a computer creating a text document or any file, you will need to name the file.

Rather than randomly pick a name by chance, or in French, "par hazard" an easy-to-use and easy to remember system may be preferable.

Working in a law office in 1984, before the dawn of the Windows operating system, the maximum number of characters to name a file was eight. In the course of a normal working day, dozens of documents would be created.

Because the maximum number of characters to name a file was eight, an easy-to-use file naming convention was a necessity.

Below is "chart" (two collumns "Prefix" and "Subject") of such a system.

Prefix Subject

aml animals

ana Anatomy

ffe Furniture Fixtures and Equipment

hba Health Beauty Art

ins insects

law Law Legal

nat nature natural

oo world (globe)

fam family

gng genealogy

biz business

fnc finance financial

lan language

glo glossary

mrj marriage

psy psychology

arc architecture

The list above is a shortened form of a larger categorization of frequently used prefixes to arrange and sort files.

While 21st Century technological computer systems enable greater flexibility of naming files and finding the same, the use of an orderly naming convention still has advantages, including alphabetical ordering of files for easy-to-see logical associations.

A person in the domain of Information and/or Library Science will be able to create their own list of categories most suitable to their needs.

That's that. Good luck and good day.

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