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Film Analysis Thomas Hart Benton

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Essay Preview: Film Analysis Thomas Hart Benton

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"Thomas Hart Benton (April 15, 1889 - January 19, 1975, also Tom Benton

American muralist of the Regionalist school. His cartoon-like paintings showed everyday scenes of the contemporary Midwest, especially bucolic images of pre-industrial farmlands

Components of Painting Media

Pigment- coloring agent derived from mineral, synthetic or organic sources.

Medium or binder- binder depends on type of paint- oil (oil), polymers (acrylic), egg (tempera) etc.

Support- surface on which the artist works: canvas, paper, wood, etc.

Ground- a coating applied to a canvas or other support to prepare for painting- Protects the support and aides in the adherence of the medium. The most common ground is gesso, a plaster mixed with a binder.

Solvent or vehicle- used to thin paint; enables it to flow- for oils, turpentine and water or acrylic medium for acrylics.

Gesso applied to a linen canvas.


"Encaustic painting, also known as hot wax painting, involves using heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added.

fresco (plural frescoes) is any of several related painting types. The word comes from the Greek. The most famous of these, The Toreador, depicts a sacred ceremony in which individuals jump over the backs of large bulls.

Tempera (or egg tempera) is the primary type of artist's paint and associated art techniques that were prevalent in Southern Europe's Middle Ages, and the required medium for Orthodox icons. It is paint made by binding pigment in an egg medium.

Andrew Wyeth

"Andrew Newell Wyeth (born July 12, 1917) is an American realist painter, one of the best-known of the 20th century. He is sometimes referred to as the "Painter of the People" due to his popularity with the American public.

" Trompe L'oeil- gives the appearance of three-dimensional, or photographic realism. It flourished from the Renaissance onward.



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