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Film Dancing: The Power of Dance Questions

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Essay Preview: Film Dancing: The Power of Dance Questions

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Film Dancing: The Power of Dance Questions

For the youngsters learning to dance, the main thing was to respect each other. When they dance they have fun but it also takes patience and time to learn the steps correctly and to learn to dance together. They have a beat they all have to go by to look like one group, not many individuals. A young kid was talking about dance and said, “It has a lot of action and movement. It feels like heaven.” When they start to learn a new dance they are nervous but once they got it down they want more and more and are addicted to it.

Jacque d’Amboise had a professional career with the New York City Ballet. He performed as the lead role in the ballet Apollo. Once he got older he took his passion for ballet and wanted to teach kids to dance. It was his mission to teach and inspire kids not only to dance, but new ways to understand their world. Every year he puts on a show with kids from all over and they learn the cultural diversity of dance.

Gregg Burge had a wonderful dance career and he performed on Broadway and Hollywood. He had a role in the famous Chorus Line and loved it. For him, dance is a nutrient. He needs dance just as much as oxygen and food, it is a necessity. He’s danced since he was seven and when he gets depressed he can dance and forget about all the worries in the world.

Russian Mukhemedov describes dancing with italian Isabella Durante difficult at times because of the language barrier. It's hard to pinpoint what he's doing wrong sometimes but he feeds off the energy between them. He says ballet is an international language.

Wim Vanderkeybus approaches dance in a very physical way. He loves to sweat and loves high energy. The way he looks at dance he says it's almost like a seduction. Thats why its used in many religions and rituals. But in the end he loves to have fun with dance.

Malavika Sarukkai says while she's dancing Bharata Natyam she is overwhelmed by love. Her mind is only focused on Krishna and is physically attracted to him which leads her to invite him into her “home” or spirit. Once they fall in love there are no words to describe the feeling, the love goes beyond.

The indian men of London taught a traditional indian farmers dance to the british because the dance is a way of remembering India for people that live abroad. They are proud of themselves and their people. And now by continuing to share this dance, called Bhangra, they are creating a new culture. Combining modern english and rural punjaby.

Kundalini is to have your own understandings and feelings about the art. In the film its described as the feeling that starts from inside and reaches to your heart and soul. When dancing, the energy takes over.



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