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Film Process

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Media is all over the world. And no one can ever stop them. Nowadays, there are a lot of film makers already especially in Hollywood. Different film makers, different awesome movies to be watched. And as years passed, many great movies were released.

Film making is the literally the process of making a film. It starts from a story, then scriptwriting, casting, shooting, directing, editing and of course, screening before audience can watch the film.

There are 3 stages of film production and these are Pre production this is the preparations for the shoot in which actors and crews were hired. Production, were the raw elements of film are recorded and last one is Post production were the film is edited.

Making a film is not easy as putting the camera on and make video of singing an alphabet song. It needs many staffs and crews including good directors, editors, writers and cinematographers. And you can't make a film without a budget so you need producers.

It takes several months to make a good and interesting film. Before they start shooting, everything should be at the right place already. Crews, actors, locations etc.

Films always have a great impact to all people. And were always proud of ourselves when we make excellent movies.



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