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Film Review - the Conjuring

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Essay Preview: Film Review - the Conjuring

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Film review

Actually I am not the one who watching film often and I did not decide to watch this film at first. Last week I went to my friends’ room just for chatting then one of them asked me to watch it together. The conjuring, the American horror film, is one of the scariest film that I have ever seen. It is so frightful in many scenes.

This film was directed by James Wan and was written by Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes (as Carey W. Hayes). James Wan is an Australian film producer, screenwriter and film director. He is widely known for directing successful horror films. That is why this film is so awesome.

The Conjuring started with Perron family moving to the very old house in countryside. They have faced with many mysterious things in this house. The unknown pain on mother’s body, the unseen daughter’s friend, the mysterious dead of the dog and anything which happened in this house since they have moved in. Then  the parents decided to ask help from Warren couple, the paranormal investigators. When these couple came to the house and investigated, they have known suddenly that this house there were many mysterious things. After that the situation in the house got worse and worse. The mother was possessed by the spirit and others were attacked. Warren’s have set the ritual to drive out the hateful spirit from mother’s body. Finally they can stop this kind of awful situation.

There are a lot of scary scenes in the film. Most of them were produced well but some were not that good. I quite don’t like the creepy ghosts. It’s not that scary for me. I prefer the frightful ghosts. It’s not creepy but more mysterious. Overall in this film is very nice.

The other thing I would like to tell you is there is two plots in this film. One is the main plot of The Conjuring film which is related to Warren family. One is the main plot of the first part which is related to Perron family. This film is only the first part of The Conjuring film. There will be coming the second part in this year.

I would really recommend you if you were the one who enjoy watching horror films or mysterious film. You would not be disappointed. I am also waiting for the second part of this film.

Nawapon Srikrajang

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