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Flexible Scheduling with Community Colleges

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Essay Preview: Flexible Scheduling with Community Colleges

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Community College vs. 4-Year College

Community Colleges: A Quick and affordable education with flexible scheduling

One factor consideration in choosing a college for many students is the choice between a two-year and a four-year college. If attending a traditional 4 year college appears too expensive or time consuming but you still want to upgrade your skills or earn more, community college may be the practical, economic solution you are looking for.

Many students decide to study for one or two years at a local community college. While attending the two year college, a student takes care of many of the courses required for any 4-year program, and can earn an Associates Degree as well. For some careers, the Associates Degree program is all that is needed.

Community Colleges offer Quick and affordable education

With average yearly tuition and fees at only $2,076 dollars community college offers you the keys to a successful career at a fraction of most 4 year college costs. This small investment at a community college, over the course of a lifetime, can increase your salary by up to $250,000 dollars.

If you already know what occupational field you want to enter, attending a community college can make a lot of sense. In contrast to 4 year colleges that require a large amount of general curriculum courses and classes, community colleges offer both Associate degrees and occupational certificates in 2 years or less which is quick and affordable and saves on both time and money.

Flexible scheduling with Community Colleges

If you have a busy schedule but would like to attend college you aren't alone. While most 4 year colleges require large time commitments community college doesn't. Community college offers you convenient flexible class scheduling allowing you to take classes that work with your agenda.

For those that find commuting to a community college or 4 year college difficult, online community college courses are also available. These online community college courses are flexible and can be completed during your spare time and at your own pace. If time is an issue don't worry, online community college courses can be completed quickly, sometimes even faster than traditional 4 year college classes.

For instance, we know that balancing work and school can be difficult. That's why community college's associate degree programs have been designed for maximum flexibility, enabling you to study whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you. Start now at a community college and earn your associate degree completely online in 18 to 20 months. Community colleges offers programs in several in-demand career fields including Business, Accounting, Criminal Justice, Health Administration, IT and more. Many community colleges



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