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Ford Motor Company Business Analysis Part Three

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Essay Preview: Ford Motor Company Business Analysis Part Three

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Ford Motor Company Business Analysis Part Three

This is the final business analysis on the Ford Motor Company before making final recommendations to the stakeholders to purchase and add company stock to the existing portfolio. Ford Motor Company has been listed as a buy with most investment companies. It has been selected for review by this office. The Report has been broken down into three separate reports. The first study was conducted to perform a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis, to determine if the management of Ford has prepared a thorough SWOT analysis for their industry. Also reviewed in this report was to determine how well Ford has identified the stakeholders in their company, and how well the needs of the stakeholders have been addressed. The second report addressed the review of the financial reports to determine if Ford is a financially sound. This report will review the strategic initiatives Ford has taken relative to organizational and operational adaptation to changing markets.

Topics that will be addressed in this report include;

* How recent economic trends are influencing the business

* Ford strategies for adapting to changing market environments

* Tactics Ford has implemented or could implement to achieve their strategic goals

* The role human resources management plays in helping the company achieve its business goals

How recent economic trends are influencing Ford

The latest recession has been one of the longest since the great depression. We are now entering a period of recovery that for the United States has been a less than accelerated one. The definitions of what defines a recession have been tested, and this type of recovery continues to shake consumer confidence. There are months of positive economic indicators, with contradictory data that keeps the recovery from taking off as it probably should. People are very reluctant to make big purchases, as they doubt whether a recovery is happening, as they still see friends and family members that are unemployed, or can't find gainful employment. Banks are willing to lend only to people with the highest credit score. Bank penalties for late payments are incredibly intolerant, and unforgiving.

Studying business cycles and the impact they have on business operations, it is important to note that not every area on the globe is affected the same. In all studies, there are areas that either recover earlier, or are affected very little from down cycles. Chi...



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