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Free Will

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Free will; so many discussions, arguments and papers written on this subject, and we still don't have a solid answer to if we have it or not. So, do we?

What do these words "free will" even mean to begin with? The definition of "free" is to not be under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes. We are not slaves, robots, or animals fenced into a restricted area. We are humans, we can walk where we please and do whatever we please. We are in fact "free." "Will" means the function of choosing. It's the power of control the mind has over its own actions. When we say we WILL do something, we are telling someone it's positive we are going to do it. So "free will" is having ever opportunity open to do something. We have a choice for every action we perform. Free will is having the chance to choose the environment we are surrounded by, the people we choose to see, the words we speak; every little aspect of our lives always comes back to free will.

It's my best friend's big twenty-first birthday, and we're going all out; limousine, champagne bottles, VIP and everything. Earlier this day I was supposed to have worked an 8 and a half hour shift. The restaurant was completely dead so my manger had me leave early. I was counting on that money to help my father finish paying for my grandfather's funeral. As were getting ready for a night out in the streets with my girls, I get a phone call from my manger asking if I wanted to come in and work a party. She told me she would double the money I made that day and my tips were going to be good. Now what? Do I party with my best friend or go to work to help my father? This is where free will comes in. I have a huge choice on my hands. Why did this happen today out of all days? Why couldn't it have happened the night before or day after? Was this already determined; was it slow earlier today because I had to work tonight? I made the choice and went to work, I apologized to my friend but she understood. That night, on the way home, the limousine driver had a heart attack and crashed. Seven of my friends were hospitalized. Police say if there was one more person in the car, someone could have died. A car hit the side with an empty seat. What if I was sitting there? What if I chose to go to the party instead and would have been sitting in that seat? I would not be writing this paper right now, that's a given. My father would be working triple to pay for my funeral as well. Was this a sign of free will?

Anything is possible at anytime. Someone can wake up one morning and decide to blow up a building, and actually do it. As Americans, we can do whatever we please as long as we aren't hurting someone of course. Every action has a reaction. Every action has a consequence. Say I would of went out and partied, my consequence for being selfish and not helping my father



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