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Gas and Oil Prices

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As the new controller for this firm and its newly acquired company of 450 employees, I take ownership of the financial and management accounts. Further, I budget and forecast to ensure that the company has a strong financial control and that the correct processes are operated throughout the business. My key duties will include managing my team to ensure that monthly end accounts are prepared in a timely and efficient manner. The job would entail producing statutory accounts, preparing business budgets and forecasts, managing cash flow and working cross functionally in order to champion the business initiatives or EZdot.com.

a. With a job responsibility of this nature, my intentions are far from being fired for incompetence like my predecessor. For this reason I would explain to the bank exactly what I understand to be going on after thorough review of the financial status of EZdot.com. The reason behind this is that the problem has been ongoing, and since Ryan Roberts who is EZdot.com's new president and major share holder is holding a substantial amount of customer checks on his desk without informing me and playing with the banks float money for effective daily operations is unethical and unacceptable. As a major shareholder he should understand that customer's checks have to be processed correctly and have to go through the right channels in order to be accounted for. I would also present my findings to the Human Resources department of the company to help in bringing a lasting solution to this dilemma and to have the report documented.

Even though Ryan Roberts is the president and major shareholder, holding back customer checks and playing with the banks daily float goes against the ethics of the company. This is clearly



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