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Gathering Research Data Paper

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In this paper, a scenario will be conducted where you are interested in conducting research concerning police officers and their jobs. The information you want to gather, including job satisfaction or job hazards, is up to you as long as you clearly state the goal of your research. The method you use should be appropriate for the goal of your research. There are questions that will be answered in this paper as well. The first question will be what is the goal or purpose behind your proposed research? The second set of questions will answer what type of interview structure would you use? Why? What would be some questions you would ask? Why? In addition, the paper will analyze what are some distinct advantages of a qualitative data-gathering strategy, such as participant observation, over more quantitative approaches? Finally, when conducting survey research, how important is informed consent and confidentiality?

As a police officer, I realize how the satisfaction of the job can be because of the lack of pay. I have been assigned to perform a survey of other officers to find what they find satisfying and dissatisfying about the jobs. As I prepare to do this research on the satisfaction of police officers, the verification research survey appears to be the best way to go about finding the answers. The verification method will be used because the method focuses on verifying the findings in order to make corrections to certain things that would make the job unsatisfying. According to Hagan (2010), criminology and the criminal justice field draw upon scientific methods to come to the same empirical data as in other fields.



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