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George Washington

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Amanda Farrell

Ms. Kane


May 23rd, 2010

George Washington

George Washington as the first president had a major impact on the

United States. Before George Washington was president he was the legendary

colonial patriot who led the revolution against Great Britain. He helped the

United States win its independence. George Washington is often referred to as

the father of our country.

The constitutional interpretation was led by Madison. By strict

interpretation they intended the central government to be no stronger than those

powers laid out for it in the constitution. The federalists lead by, Alexander

Hamilton believed that the government had implied power over the individual

states Hamilton proposed that the federal government established a bank of the

United States to help fuel economic growth. The opposition stated that the

government lacked such power under the constitution. Washington sided with the

federalists and the bank was established.

George Washington believed in a strong, central government. Delegates

debated for the next four months there meetings were so secret that some windows

were nailed shut. On September 17th the delegates voted to accept the draft of

the constitution. The constitution put forth a government that was directly

responsible to the people. George Washington was the first to sign his name to

the document. People argued and feared that the central government, especially

the president would be too powerful. People wondered if the president would take

away the rights of state and local government. They feared the president would

become a king, or worse, a dictator.

The three branches of government were established in the constitution of

government were established in the constitution. The first branch was



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