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Get out My House

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"Get out my house" was what my dad told me one day. I was sooooooo glad he kicked me out because he was a big jerk. On a sunny August day my father decided it was the best time to tell me I wasn't good enough for him and that he didn't want to see me again and kicked me out of his house. That experience changed my life forever because it was an amazing day.

I will always remember this day because it was on of the best days of my life. Its one of the best days because I didn't like my dad he was always mean and rude he used to slap me around like his little punk. The day he kicked out was also fun because one I got to move to Connecticut with my mom. Whom I didn't see from ages six to sixteen and I really missed my mom because I couldn't see her for TEN years.

Another reason why I will always remember this day is because I no longer have to go through constant beatings for stupid thing. For example on day someone broke the window and of course he accused me and beat me up so badly with the end of a power chord. Because I was fast he missed so he decided to turn off the light and all I hear is swish swish swish and then BAM it hit me. The chord hurt so much I felt it for weeks.

Another reason why I'm glad I'm out if his house is because of his wife. She was an evil witch. She hated me because I wasn't her kid. She used to yell at me throw stuff at me and even kick me out. For example on day I came home really drunk and her son pissed me off and called me bad profanities so I punched him in the face and broke his nose. So his wife kicked me out and told me not to walk in that house till my dad came home. Also another day she was mad because my dad told her he hated her and couldn't stand her. So she got mad at me and threw a glass cup at my head but I ducked and it missed but glass shattered over my head.

I will always remember this day as the best day of my life because I get to see my mom. Also because I don't have to deal with my dad, and his constant beatings. Also because I don't have to deal with is evil witch of a wife. One thing I learned from this day is that my dad is and asshole and a big jerk that no one likes.



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