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God Is Here for Us

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In modern time, nowadays, a lot of people suffer. They suffer from poverty, discrimination, illnesses, and many more. And because of that, we may say that te world is such a cruel place.

But we must put in mind that for every bad thing, there's always good in it. Maybe we suffer these things because God wants us to experience, to see if really hang tight in His hand. To see if we're really strong. He doesn't put up these tests on us if He knows that we are capable of solving them. He doesn't let us suffer, He only wants to know what's good for us. If there are prayers that has not been answered, we must believe in Him and we must be patient. We must wait. And if He sees that we deserve what we ask, He will eventually give it to us. Not only we should depend on Him. But we should also do what's to be done.

Those people who make other people suffer, are the people who is not strong. They depend on othe people. They do crimes and other evil stuff. They only need faith. Faith to God.

I'd like to share thsi instance. My phone was snatched without me knowing. After I knew it, it already happened. At first, I'm hoping that I just misplaced it. I cried and cried. I never spoke to anyone. Until I realized that my world is not revolving in just one phone. I opened my eyes and moved on. I know that God will do the right thing to that person who got my phone. I know that God will make that person realize what he done na d how he ruined a life. I can consider that a lot of blessings will come. I just need to believe and have faith.

So for those who don't believe in Him, or for those who doubt, think twice. See if you can really do the things without Him. No matter what religion you came from, as long as you believe, everything's gonna happen eventually. Believe, be patient, and do.



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