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Golfing While Blindfolded

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Golfing while Blind Folded

FORE!!! Fore is definitely something you don't want to hear or say on the golf course. Although just the other day, I found myself yelling fore a lot. For my new experience paper I tried playing golf while blindfolded. It was definitely a new experience.

I met my dad on at the tee box for the first hole, at the Kokomo American Legion. I had just gotten out of class and we planned on playing nine holes of golf. I was nervous, not about playing golf but about what I was going to write about for my new experience paper. Suddenly, it came to me that I have never golfed blindfolded before, so I thought I'd give it a try.

When I tied the bandana around my eyes, I had an uneasy feeling about whether I should do this or not, but I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Dad escorted me up to the tee where I would take my drive and had me aim where I wouldn't be hitting towards the road. I drew back my club and took a swing at the ball. The first attempt was a complete failure, because I missed the ball completely. I repositioned and swung for the second time. Bam! I hit the ball, but as I looked for the ball all I saw only the darkness of being blindfolded. I suddenly asked dad if he saw where it went. He said yes and that I was in the rough on the left side of the fairway. I found myself taking little chip shots to get it up to the green because I couldn't tell the distance I was away. Finally, I was on the green and putting. Putting is one of the most difficult things about golf when not blindfolded, so I knew my chances for success was far and in between.

I would like to say that I did the same whether golfing normal or blindfolded. However, that was not the case. It was nearly impossible to find your ball without some assistance. Because when you're blindfolded walking around, you lose your sense of direction and you can't see where you hit the ball. I had a good time with this experience, but I think I'm just going to stick with golfing the normal way.



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