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Governance and Legal Force

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Governance and Legal force

Different countries have different legalities, some are stricter than the others. For example, if we were to travel to Germany, the maximum carry-on bag is 8KG but if we were to travel to New Zealand, the maximum we can have in our bags is 7KG. Any amount of weight exceeding the specific digits are to be charged and fined. (source http://www.dpsoftware.co.uk/airlines/ ). This shows that different country has different legal issues, SIA must take in consideration and notice each customer before any customers get charged without knowing what had happened, thus ruining SIA brand image.


More and more people in the world are getting cautious about the environment. Most of the things are going environmental friendly or in short, eco-friendly. Refrigerators companies has created refrigerators which are CFC-free so that it can be eco-friendly and get support from eco-friendly lovers. Therefore, SIA must also have their flights in a environmental friendly way. SIA had took this seriously. They planned their flight routes more efficient, trying to get the shortest,quickest and safest route to their flight's destination. They build tfuel-efficent aircraft so that they are able to use lesser fuel while maintaining the speed and stability of it and save more fuel. This can be environmental friendly while saving cost for fuel. (source : http://www.wildsingapore.com/news/20070910/071011-4.htm )


yo I need help in this, I have several ideas but I cant put them into words.

Safety measurements they employ both on board and on ground

population growth : does ageing population affects them for example baby bloomers, does ppl in that lifestage have more disposable income to spend....etc braindead liao ahh

Porter's 5 forces

Porter's 5 forces focuses on 5 forces, threat of the entry of new competitive company, threat of substitute products, threat of bargaining power of customers, threat of bargaining power of suppliers and threat of intensity competition in the industry.



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