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Government of Gujarat Is in Dilemma

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Essay Preview: Government of Gujarat Is in Dilemma

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Problem Statement: -

Newly formed Government of Gujarat is in dilemma, whether to construct the dam which will prosper the regional economy or to apprehend the sentiments of the local community or to think for any other alternative where both motives can be attained.

Situational Analysis: -

The state of Bombay has been discussing the building of a dam across the river Lokmata and Sadmata, to advance irrigation but enactment of this proposal hurts the sentiments of the local community as it requires demolition of temple, after few negotiations they altered the plan of dam and reached in consensus with the local community and promised to protect the temple. In the desire to increase the benefits of the scheme, the government worked on the plan and new proposal demands the shifting of the temple. Before any further progress, the state has been bifurcated and the new government of Gujarat wants to increase the agricultural production which demands execution of the proposal, for selection of a course of action all-round analysis based on Cost, Capacity, benefits, and Constraints is measured.


Decision Criteria cum Evaluation of alternatives: -


Cost Incurred

Capacity of Dam



Area irrigated

Agricultural production


Religious sentiments

Alternative 1

1.7Cr + Additional cost for safeguards

4700 M Cu. Ft

92000 Acres

30400 Tons

Not being hurt

Alternative 2

1.9Cr + Cost of canal system.

5700 M Cu. Ft

>92000 Acres

>30400 Tons

Being hurt

Alternative 3






Not being hurt


Alternative 1: - Going ahead with earlier proposal to build the dam, without shifting the temple by agreeing to provide gates on the water weir so that the floodwater does not rise to endanger the temple and additional sums to be allotted for same which satisfies the sentiments of the community. This decision also helps in upholding the revenue from tourism as it attracts people from far off destination.



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