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Half-Hanged Mary Narrative

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Essay Preview: Half-Hanged Mary Narrative

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"Half-Hanged Mary" Narrative

Point of view: "bonnets"

The icy chill night on my skin brought me to a vision that lingered in my mind. Scary Mary. My mother warned me of such disgusting creatures like her. My mother taught me right and wrong. The townsfolk were right about Mary. She was supposedly seen doing forbidden actions only a conjurer would do. She even looked wicked. She still haunts me in my nightmares.

As I hid behind the dark blue handmade skirts I watched this stranger. This stranger who has lived in my own town my whole life and is now being strung up to her doom. Mary looked peaceful and emotionless before the tying up. The only conclusion I could make from this was that she just was joyful to be one step closer to Satan at last. Little did I know what her true intentions were.

I am told to be an observer. So I just watch. Her long hair filled with secrets and spells are at first struggling in the misty air against the magical cord but soon enough she would have seemed to be still. As for her face, I have never seen a color change so swiftly. I was horrified at this point and the worst haven't come yet. But everyone around me cheered and celebrated. Perhaps it would have been best if we all stayed quiet.

The morning sun brought a new day with a dragging past. It was said all over town that Mary lived through the night! No one in my house was convinced. I believed it when I saw her with my own eyes. I was just playing with my dolls outside and there she was walking by as if she was a ghost. At first I just starred in awe then reality kicked in and I got up sprinting. I went inside and hid under my bed. I just saw a real witch.



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