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Hamlet - Act 3 Scene 1 - Rachel Longwell

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Essay Preview: Hamlet - Act 3 Scene 1 - Rachel Longwell

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Hamlet - Act 3 Scene 1

Rachel Longwell

This scene begins with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern informing the King and Queen that although Hamlet did admit he was depressed, he did not mention why. They are asked to encourage him with his play because the King believes it to be a good outlet for Hamlet. Once they finished catching up on the news about Hamlet, Pilonius mentions that eveyrthing is set for the encounter between Hamlet and Ophelia. They are to hide where they can see everything that goes on between the two. Hamlet enters, speaking to himself. He is conteplating suicude - "to be or not to be". Hamlet continues to talk about life and human nature. Basically he is wondering why anyone would bare to live through the troubles of life when they can have the peacefullness of death. He then reminds homself of the "law" which deems suicude illegal, and seems it to be unfair.

Hamlet's speech is finally interrupted by Ophelia's entrance. They speak lightly to eachother and she mentions that she still has a few of his items that need to be returned, because they no longer hold they same meaning to her as they did before. Hamle states that he never gave her anything, referring to love and not items. Hamlet claims to have never loved Ophelia, and that she should get to a nunnery where men like himself cannot harm her or decieve her in any way. This way she will never spawn a child with the same madness and misfortune as he has. He also accuses women in general of being monsters to men, and that she should marry a fool because he would be none the wiser. Hamlet then exits, and Pilonius and the King adresses Ophelia. Claudius states that he is still unsure of Hamlets madness, because there is still a hint of method to the way he speaks. None the less, Ophelia should still keep her distance because he is dangerous. Pilonius still thinks that Hamlets madness came from Ophelia's rejection, and they decide to have Hamlet speak with Gertrude so that maybe they can recieve a truthful answer. Pilonius will hide and listen so that they know first hand what has been said.



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