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Healthy Lifestyle

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Well, now I’m going to give a talk about keeping fit.

Healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular nowadays. There is a number of reasons for that but the most important reason is that people live under the press of different problems, such as social, ecological, economic and others. A person should be strong and healthy in order to overcome all difficulties. Healthy lifestyle helps people do that.

As for me, I try to keep fit in different ways. First of all, I do my morning exercises every day. In addition to it, I go to the swimming pool once or sometimes twice a week. Also, I stay away from bad habits, because I’m convinced that cigarettes, alcohol and drugs destroy both body and brain.

Well, as to other teenagers of my region, I should say that they are interested in different sports activities. They often play football and other active games on sports grounds, go to gyms and swimming pools. Besides, more and more young men become interested in martial arts, such as karate, boxing, kickboxing, judo and so on.

In conclusion, I’d like to emphasise the fact that healthy lifestyle is a “must” for modern people.

Well, I am going to give a talk about my city.

To begin with, I’d like to say that the name of my city is Rostov on Don.  Rostov-on-don is a cultural center of southern Russia

It is famous for 220 institutions of culture and art, creative unions, national-cultural societies. The appearance of the city is decorated with more than 650 monuments of culture and monumental art.

As to me, I like my city very much, because it has lots of beautiful places where you can rest and relax. The embankment of the river Don is my favourite place in Rostov. Here you can sit quietly on the banks and admire wonderful nature. The embankment is also a good place where you can walk alone or with your friends.

Frankly speaking, I haven’t yet decided what to do after leaving school. It depends on many factors. More likely than not, I will stay in my city, because I have all the opportunities to get good education here. I just have no reason of moving to another region. But as the saying is, time will tell.

In conclusion, I’d like to invite everyone to visit Rostov and enjoy this city.

Well, now I’m going to give a talk about healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Sport can help teenagers to be healthy, keeps them fit, more organised and better disciplined. It unites people of different classes and nationalities. Many people go in for swimming football skiing and so on.

There are some ways that can help us to keep fit and be healthy. For the first I want to say that it is very important stick to your diet. And also it is very important to do morning exs.

As to me, I stady in the ninth form and I have so much free time. But then I have it I go to the swimming pool. It helps me to keep fit. Also in my free time I play football with  my  friends.

In conclusion, I’d like to emphasise the fact that healthy lifestyle is very important in our life.

Well, now I’m going to give a talk about school iniform.



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