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Helen Keller

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Essay Preview: Helen Keller

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The Miracle Worker is a story about the growth of characters. During the story, the characters will change their likings for each other. Captain Keller thinks Helen will never learn anything. Kate loves her so much that she would never give up on finding the right teacher. That just might be Annie Sullivan.

The Doctor, Kate and Captain Keller stand over the crib of Helen Keller. The Doctor tells them that she is healthy. Once he and Captain Keller have left the room, Kate starts talking to Helen but then she stops. She yelled for Captain Keller and told him that Helen can't see. Keller then started clapping in front of Helen's face and then he slowed down. He turned and looked at Kate sadly and told her that Helen cannot hear either.

Five and a half years later, Annie Sullivan was notified that she is to teach a blind and deaf child. She was about ready to go but was stopped by the students at her school. They told Annie that they didn't want her to go. The students gave her smoked glasses for her eyes and also a doll for Helen.

Once Annie arrived, she could tell that Helen would be a lot of work. Annie first observed Helen at the dining table and then fixed what she was doing wrong. The first accomplishment was that she folded her napkin. She observed Helen and how she communicated and then taught her the correct alphabet. Soon Annie had Helen spelling all by herself using her hand. One afternoon though, Helen ran over to the pump with Annie and said "Wah Wah." The family was so proud of her. Annie was surprised but relieved that Helen could comprehend what she was teaching her.

Captain Keller had stopped believing in Helen but once Annie came, he actually had faith in her. Kate wants Helen to learn as much as possible and knows that Annie could do the job. So, do you think you could ever teach a blind, deaf and mute child? You would have to teach them a new language and teach them how to write. That is why this play is called the Miracle Worker.



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