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Help Foar So Called Developing Countries Can Be Very Different What Is the Better Help? Money or Education?

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Essay Preview: Help Foar So Called Developing Countries Can Be Very Different What Is the Better Help? Money or Education?

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There are so many countries needs help. Developing countries such as China, Russia, Brazil, India etc. Also, the world has more developing countries than advanced countries. For these countries, we have to give some money to them. Whenever my family watch News together, we always watch about the information about the Developing countries. At the same time, we learned what it was like to live in developing country. In this essay, I will writing details why we have to pay some money for them.

First, most of the developing countries, are in poverty. They are economically difficult to live in country. For example, Developing countries made a strong plea for economic help. Also, the expert says booming urban populations in the developing world are increasing crime. With a rise in crime, prison overcrowding is becoming a serious problem in many developing countries It means the developing countries are not safety. For prevent this kind of problem, we have to pay some money for them first.

Also, In the developing world children are come down with diseases and dying from unclear water, bad sanitation, and indoor smoke pollution. Children who survive the first few weeks after birth are still in danger in many developing countries. Because of they need lots of population in developing countries, they are ill equipped to prevent, treat and control infectious disease. So, it's natural things that they have a bad condition of health. They need medicine for being healthy. That's why we need to donate some money to them.

Thirdly, traffic jams and lack of adequate housing are growing pains of every developing nation. The need safety and comfortable equipment for their life. The dangerous equipment also can lead to death. For example, people in developing countries are often be contagious for other infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria. We have to repair this kind of equipment by money.

Developing countries problems are became global issue now. We have to be serious and think deeply about the problem. I think it's better to give money to them. I hope them to overcame these problems as soon as possible. Thank you.



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